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Arts Festival Big Ol’ steamrollin’ Print invitational

June 30, 2017

The Big Ol’ Steamrollin’ Print Invitational (BOSPI) 2017 is Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute’s third annual steamroller printing event organized by the School of Art. This celebratory event highlights the School of Art programming during the annual Arts Festival. Twenty-five invited artists will make large prints on fabric
under the drum of a three-ton steamroller.

See the live printmaking, explore the family-friendly printmaking activity, and purchase a big print during the event. An exhibition of the prints in the School of Art Gallery will be on view June 30 to July 21.

BOSPI 2017 Artists:
Beth Post, Carlie Sherry, Chris Cirillo, Constance Avery, Elise Incze, George Hendrickson, Jan Burke, Joella Burt, Ken Marchione, Kim Carr Valdez, Leanna Barlow, Madeline Bartley, Marc-Anthony Polizzi, Maria Vallese, Mario A. Colon, Michael A. Giordani III, Michael Piotrowski, Rachel Bartunek, Rainer Maria Wehner, Shannon Stockbridge with Hannah Barley, Stephanie Wysluzaly, Steve Nyland, Tony Thompson, and Yulia levkovich