We are pleased to announce that the MWPAI Film Series Digital Conversion Project is complete. In addition to a state-of-the-art digital projector and sound system, the project has provided a number of improvements to the Museum of Art Auditorium. Energy-efficient theater lighting has been installed throughout the space, and the assisted-listening system has been converted to an induction hearing loop that broadcasts the film’s soundtrack directly to personal hearing aids or implants that are equipped with T-Coil technology.

The heart of the project has been the addition of a digital projector capable of delivering exceptionally crisp image quality along with optimal brightness, resolution, contrast and colors. This new digital flexibility will allow us access to a larger selection of titles and enable the series to explore new avenues of programming such as live events and virtual exhibition tours from international museums. 

These improvements would not have been possible without the generous support of the many organizations and people who recognize and value the importance of the MWPAI Film Series in our community. The leading gifts for the project came from the Bank of Utica and grants from the Oneida County “Partners in Prosperity” Program and the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties, Inc. We have also received significant contributions from many individual donors, including the friends and family of Bernie T. Uebelhoer who chose to collectively honor his memory in support of the series. The addition of the versatile induction hearing loop is sponsored by Dr. Jim Bremer of Bremer Hearing and Audiology.

On September 23 the Film Series will resume its regular schedule of films on Wednesdays and Fridays with the finest independent, foreign-language and documentary films available. In the near future, please look for special Event Cinema programming such as live events and virtual exhibition tours from around the world.

Thank you to the following contributors for their support of the Film Series Digital Conversion

Lead Donors
Bank of Utica
Oneida County Partners in Prosperity Funding, Anthony J. Picente, Jr., County Executive
The Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties, Inc.
The Friends and Family of Bernie T. Uebelhoer, in His Memory
Induction Hearing Loop Sponsor: Bremer Hearing & Audiology
Dr. Sidney & Dr. Susan Blatt
Elizabeth R. Lemieux, Ph.D.
Gary Gordon Newman
John Pierson
Mr. & Mrs. Norman L. Turner

Robert & Nancy Bond
Anna & Paul D’Ambrosio
Richard & Barbara Decker
Jim Gifford
Kenneth J. Griffin
John & Mary Loy
Mr. Richard Pashley
Joan & Ted Rajchel
Sally O. & Alan M. Swierczek, PE

Debra & John Altdoerffer
Richard & Elizabeth Bedient
James & Andree Fesko
Chris Georges & Sarah Goldstein
JoAnn Jacobson
Robert & Julie Peterson
Diane & Alain H. Posteau
Margaret Quinn
Janet M. Richmond, Esq., Getnick Livingston Atkinson & Priore, LLP
Elizabeth & John Snyder
Ruth Thomas & John Thomas II, MD
Marolyn P. Wilson
C. Louis & Ellen Abelove
Deborah Barnicott & Regina Cole
Donna Beckett & Carol Dinger
Sarah Cotter
Mr. & Mrs. G. Leiter Doolittle
Alison Doughtie & John Bartle
George W. Fogg
Dr. Ian & Morag Galloway
David & Janet George
Donna Goodwin
Bill Harrell
Dr. & Mrs. Lynn Henry
John & Diana Inserra
Barbara & Ronald Kamp
Diane & Paul Lange
Gerald & Janet LaRose
John & Mary O'Neill
Caren Pepper & Shirley Hilts-Adams
William & Monica Perrotti
Ronald & Barbara Rhodes
Francis T. Roy
Joseph & Kelli Samson
John & Heidi von Bergen
The grant from the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties, Inc.
includes support from the following funds:

Anne M. Wright Memorial Fund
Frederick B. Griffin Jr. Fund
General Endowment Fund
Romaine J. & Lillie Van Slyke Doxstader Fund
Rosamond G. Childs Fund
Sinnott-Sheldon Fund
Theodore F. & Emma Steinhorst Fund
Wesley & Marion Small Fund
William L. Schrauth Fund.

(as of April 4, 2016)