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Teachers: Below you will find additional resources connecting your classroom to the current exhibitions, The World through His Lens: Steve McCurry Photographs and Mythology in Contemporary Art.

The World through His Lens: Steve McCurry Photographs

Steve McCurry Sharbat Gula 1984

Sharbat Gula, Afghan Girl
Peshawar, Pakistan, 1984
40” x 60”
© Steve McCurry

Select the following links to access background materials and classroom resources available for the school tour, Worlds Apart and Together: The National Geographic Photographs of Steve McCurry.


Mythology in Contemporary Art

Bob Thompson The Judgment of Paris 1964

Bob Thompson (American, 1936-67) The Judgment of Paris, 1964
oil on canvas, 75 3/8 x 60 5/16 in. purchase, 97.11

Background materials and classroom resources available for the mythology school tour, Myths and Mysteries at MWPAI:

The following is a list of summarized myths and folk tales that we suggest students read prior to their museum visit to encourage student participation. The tour objects and myths covered will vary from year to year and teachers will be notified of the currents year’s content on their tour confirmation.



Time Lines

All Grade Levels

Learning Objective: Students will be introduced to the evolution of fashion, inventions, scientific breakthroughs and political events forming the attitudes of mid 19th century to the early 20th century.

Download each PDF or select each image to enlarge.

Timeline 1850s to 1860s1850s to 1860s PDF

Timeline 1870s to 1880s1870s to 1880s PDF

Timeline 1890s to 1900s1890s to 1900s PDF

Timeline 1910s to 1920s1910s to 1920s PDF

Timeline 1930s to 1940s1930s to 1940s PDF