Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)

Professional Development Workshops

Presented either at your institution or as an off-campus in-service training at MWPAI

VTS is recognized by New York State Department of Education as a technique that aligns with the requirements of deeper learning through evidence-based observations and assists in making the cross-curriculum connections emphasized in the Common Core Learning Standards. The Common Core is a set of State-mandated standards that define what students must master if they are to be “college- and career-ready” upon graduation from high school.

Choose from one of the following programs: *Fees for each program include instructors’ honorarium, travel expenses and material fees.

Introduction to VTS Program:

1 session (2 hours) - Fee: $30.00 per person*, limit 15 participants.  This program provides basic introductory training in VTS for newcomers to the technique. All participants will participate in at least 2 facilitations followed by reflection and discussion of the process.

Review of VTS Program:

1 session (2 hours) - Fee: $30.00 per person*, limit 15 participants. Practice makes perfect; this program is a review of the VTS technique plus a critique of facilitation skills for teachers previously trained in VTS facilitation.

VTS, Classroom Application Program:

2 sessions (2 hours each) - Fee: $40.00 per person* (pays for both sessions) limit 15 participants.  This program combines one of the programs described above plus an additional workshop session to discuss practical classroom applications.

Both two hour sessions can be presented consecutively in one day.

We encourage teachers to bring specific visuals or objects from their current classroom curricula to be used in VTS facilitation. Blank VTS writing worksheets will be provided and discussed.


Contact Meg Gianetti, School Programs Coordinator, at 315-797-0000, x2146 or

310 Genesee St., Utica, NY 13502