Soojin Kim, Painting and Drawing, 2018/19
Boston, Massachusetts / Seoul, Korea

Caroline Voagen Nelson, Animation, 2018/19
New York City, New York / Asheville, North Carolina

Ella Weber, Printmaking 2017/18
Omaha, Nebraska

Azita Moradkhani, Drawing/Painting 2017/18
Boston, Massachusetts / Tehran, Iran

Eeva Siivonen, Video 2016/17
Helsinki, Netherlands

Brianna Miller, Design and Illustration 2016/17
Portland, Oregon
Brianna Miller

Veronica Byun, Ceramics 2013/14
Jersey City, New Jersey

Clarissa Plank, Printmaking 2013/14
New Paltz, New York

Daria Souvorova, Painting/Drawing 2013/14
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


OpenStudio DariaS. PntDrw 02 72...I was the first resident in the painting and drawing department at PrattMWP. The yearlong program allowed me time to really focus on my work and develop my postgraduate work. The interaction with the faculty at Munson as well as my fellow residents and the residents at the nearby Sculpture Space were invaluable catalysts for my work.The program allowed me to teach alongside the instructors in the undergraduate program and to develop my own classes in the community program…

Daria Souvorova, AIR Painting 2013/14


OpenStudio VeronicaByun Cer 01 CropThe Munson-Williams-Proctor Artists-in-residency program was a phenomenal and transitional experience for me. The studio arrangement, the space, and accessibility to raw materials provided everything I needed to create new work. The facilities also included gas and woodfired kilns, processes I don’t normally have access to. Moreover, my experience working with and teaching in the continuing arts program, and at times, students from [PrattMWP], was richly rewarding. I’ve met many wonderful students and the overall climate in the studio I found to be focused, extremely productive, and fun in the best sense. The school is nicely located in the heart of New York’s rural countryside upstate, and for me, coming from the urban jam of the New York Metropolitan area, was an inspiring and welcomed relief.

Veronica Byun, AIR Ceramics 2013/14

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