steam2Once an artist has accepted residency, they will begin remotely collaborating a fall noncredit, community class and/or workshops with the Community Arts Ed Coordinator. Hopefully the artist has been able to visit the campus and will have an idea of the facilities offered. These classes will be featured in the fall catalog and begin mid-September and are generally offered once a week. Classes are taken for many reasons by members of the community of all ages. Many community classes are skill or project driven courses.

Early planning, prior to arrival, allows for proper marketing of each class and event. Resident artists are paid an hourly wage per teaching hour by-weekly. Community classes that do not meet minimum enrollment are canceled.

Click here for examples of current non-credit course offerings.

Community involvement refers to planning and participation in public events at the institute or in the community and simply covers a broad range of involvement. We want you to get to know Utica! MWPAI encourages resident artists to be involved in local and regional art events. Resident artists spend roughly three hours of weekly involvement in such activities.

Click here for examples of some Institute events.

Each year, over 100 art and design students from around the world choose to start their Pratt B.F.A. degree at Pratt’s upstate New York campus, PrattMWP. Students who select MWP complete the first two years of their BFA on the Utica campus and are then guaranteed a seamless relocation to Pratt’s main Brooklyn campus at the beginning of their junior year as long as they are in good academic standing. PrattMWP students graduate with the same prestigious degree as those who attend Pratt Institute in Brooklyn for four years – but PrattMWP students gain an edge afforded by the many benefits of MWP’s intimate and nurturing upstate campus.

Resident Artists primarily work within the non-degree program but can be involved with the full-time faculty in the college program up to one day (8 hours) a week. This may be in the form of critiques, small lectures, studio visit, or short class project. Freshman and sophomores at PrattMWP benefit greatly from seeing residents studio practice and work on campus over the course of the academic year.

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