The following list of tours can be adapted to address multiple learning levels for home school groups and can be scheduled, here. Fees for these tours are $25 per group of up to 25 people. For special travelling exhibitions, there will be a charge of $3 per person to cover the additional exhibition admission charge.

  • Through Their Eyes - Pre-American Revolution to the Civil War, (60 minutes), available October - November
  • History in the Making -19th Century American Innovation and Expansion, (60 minutes), available October - November
  • Through Their Eyes plus History in the Making (120 minutes) October - November
  • Victorian Yuletide, (60 minutes), available late November - December
  • Homework, Hops and Hoops, A Portrait of Childhood in Upstate NY, 1830-1860, (120 minutes), available February - April
  • Learning to Look - Modern and Contemporary Art Analysis and Criticism, (60 minutes), available October - April
  • Art Story: Whole Book Approach to Early Reading, (60 minutes), available year-round
  • Hats Off (and On), (60 minutes), available year-round
  • Making Sense of Art, (60 minutes), available year-round
  • Environmental Tour, (60 minutes), please call for program availability
  • Mythology Tour (60 minutes), please call for program availability
  • Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), (60 minutes), available year-round
  • Special Exhibition Tour, (60 minutes), Refer to Exhibitions page for exhibition opportunities

In development:

Watch for future lesson plans and videos on our Resources page connecting all age learners to our collection and upcoming exhibitions.

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