Available throughout the academic year

*This program is also offered as an Outreach program available throughout the academic year 

  • VTS tours encourage students to read artwork as a primary source document. Evidence based learning is emphasized through a series of questions facilitated by the VTS trained docent with each question demanding deeper investigation requiring the students to defend their observations. Advanced use of VTS skills by students can be applied to viewing maps, charts and reading text.
  • These tours can be customized to your curriculum offering the option of an in-classroom introduction followed by a museum visit presented by a trained docent facilitator.

NYS Learning Standards:

  • The Arts, Standard #1- Creating, Performing and Participating; Standard #2- Knowing and using Arts Materials and Resources and Standard #3- Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art
  • ELA Standard #1- Language for Information and Understanding; Standard #2- Language for Literacy Response and Expression; Standard #3- Critical Analysis and Evaluation; Standard #4 Social Interaction

*See our Educator Events page for teacher VTS workshops

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