Available October through April

* This program is also offered as an Outreach program available throughout the academic year

  • Views of child life at school (Homework), at work (Hops), and at play (Hoops) speak directly to students who easily grasp how their own lives compare with images and accounts of children in Madison, Herkimer, and Oneida Counties during the 30 years leading up to the Civil War. In addition to period paintings and prints, students review local census records, directories, diaries and ads, to better understand the peoples, ideas, activities, and values that comprise the history of this area's past. The extensive use of primary source material, both written and visual, develops and promotes students' observational skills, literacy abilities, critical thinking, and creativity.

    This program is presented as a two-hour, Part I and Part II program. The second hour of Part II poignantly brings the 19th century to life with a visit to Fountain Elms, making connections with the lives of the three daughters of the Munson-Williams family.

NYS Learning Standards:

  • The Arts, Standard #1- Creating, Performing and Participating; Standard #2- Knowing and using Arts Materials and Resources and Standard #3- Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art
  • Social Studies Standard #1, History of the US and NYS; Standard #2- World History; Standard #3- Geography 
  • ELA Standard #1- Language for Information and Understanding; Standard #2- Language for Literacy Response and Expression; Standard #3- Critical Analysis and Evaluation; Standard #4 Social Interaction
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