Available October through April

* This program is also offered as an Outreach program available throughout the academic year

  • Artwork from the 18th and 19th centuries reveals the lives and viewpoints of people who lived during crucial periods of American History. In art, all details have significance and students are prompted to recognize key evidence that helps them understand conflicting loyalties and motivations in our country’s history. This program covers content from pre-American Revolution to the 1860’s and explores the evolution of ideas such as American independence, slavery and expansion.  Students develop and promote their observation skills, visual literacy, critical thinking, and creativity while working with both visual and written primary source materials.

NYS Learning Standards:

  • The Arts, Standard #1- Creating, Performing and Participating; Standard #2- Knowing and using Arts Materials and Resources and Standard #3- Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art
  • Social Studies Standard #1, History of the US and NYS; Standard #2- World History; Standard #3- Geography 
  • ELA Standard #1- Language for Information and Understanding; Standard #2- Language for Literacy Response and Expression; Standard #3- Critical Analysis and Evaluation; Standard #4- Social Interaction
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