Several recent studies have shown that consumers understand and appreciate sponsorship - and that sponsorship can greatly influence buying decisions. In fact, sponsorship has the greatest impact on the educated, higher-income individuals who are the most difficult to reach through traditional media.

Picture your company associated with some of the world's great visual artists - Pollock, Cole, Hopper and O’Keefe; and performing artists Alvin Ailey, Orleans, and Roger McGuinn; attended by a large and loyal audience.

As a corporate sponsor at MWPAI, you will make an impact and achieve a prominence available in few other media. The medium is truly the message. A sponsorship with MWPAI represents an association with quality and a promotional platform that reaches an audience who understands and appreciates companies that sponsor programs.

Sponsorship allows your company to:

  • Reinforce current marketing goals
  • Bolster public relations activities
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Reward high-performing employees
  • Target its messages and audiences
  • Distinguish itself from competitors

To find out more about exhibition and performing arts sponsorship opportunities for the coming season, please contact our development office at (315) 797-0000, ext. 2297.

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