Gallery Policy

The public is permitted to photograph works of art in the permanent collection provided the equipment used does not endanger the safety of the artworks or the public, and is not a nuisance to the gallery environment. Flash equipment or special lights are generally not allowed. Elaborate or extensive non-commercial requests to photograph the permanent collection are coordinated through the Museum of Art Registrar. The Museum does not allow third-party requests to photograph works on loan from other institutions or private collections. Wedding/special photography inside the museum is not permitted. Requests and scheduling of wedding/special photographs on Institute grounds are coordinated through the Events Manager, (315) 797-0000, ext. 2138.

Sketching and Copying
Sketching with pencil is permitted in all galleries of the Museum devoted to the permanent collection. The use of ink, fountain pen and watercolor is prohibited. Visitors who sketch should not hinder the normal flow of traffic in the galleries.

No luggage, including small carry-ons and oversize backpacks, is permitted in Museum galleries. The Museum reserves the right to have a discretionary policy regarding what can, and cannot, be left in areas designated for temporary luggage storage. Questions about the Museum's luggage policy can be referred to the Institute's security office at (315) 797-0000, ext. 2175.